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Dear friends,

We are a group of young anthroposophists, who have taken upon themselves the difficult task to establish a Waldorf school in Bulgaria, where the anthroposophical communities are small and the Waldorf pedagogy is not yet well known. Until this moment, there has been only one school – in the capital city Sofia, and we are trying to establish a second one.

The inspiration that anthroposophy gives us, encourages us on this difficult way, but a friendly support on the three plains – thinking, feeling and willing – would give us a strong boost forward to the moral goal, which we have chosen – establishing a Waldorf school for the children in our city – Stara Zagora.

From the registration of a non-profit association for establishment of a Waldorf school in 2013 till now we have directed our efforts to promote the Waldorf pedagogy through translation of articles, conducting a playgroup and crafts for parents and also giving lectures.

We have rented part of a house, in which we organize arts and crafts activities for children and parents, social art therapy for parents, student theatre and playgroup for kids under the age of 7. We are also hoping that an eurythmist will join our team soon.

The building, where the school is located, is suited for a school, but we don’t have enough resources for renovating and furnishing the rooms so that they become suited for a learning activity in accordance with the Bulgarian state requirements. We need resources for the administrative expenses for the licensing of the building (architectural and health requirements) which amount around 6 000 euros. We believe that the strength of the people is of essential value. We began with a dream, but in order that it can grow, we need encouragement and support – small acts of goodness and compassion for the important partnerships.

You can contact us at: new_waldorf_sz@yahoo.com or you can get in touch with us on +359/ 883 346 117.

You can learn more about us on our website:

And on our Facebook page:

If you want to make a donation that can help the establishment of the school, our bank account is: 

First Investment Bank - Stara Zagora
IBAN: BG81FINV91501215821015 in lev


The Association for Waldorf kindergarten and school – Stara Zagora.

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